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Velvet Nights a Chocolate Drinks that helps to improve your sleep

Velvet Nights ? What is that? It's a chocolate   flavoured, natural drink that can help to calm and to relax your muscles so you can have a good night ant more relaxed and improved sleep. We all know that saying "chocolate makes happy" yep, this drink can help you to relax, to switch off (of having bad thoughts and fears) . Want more info on this drink and see how it can help you? Check it out here Good night peeps    #No1VivaQueen   #worksocialmedia   #veganfanatics   #drink   #chocolate  #vegan 
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Burn that fat

Burn that fat Drinks that not only give energy but also can help to burn that fat These are juicy drinks with great and fresh taste. I love these drinks and usually have a drink in the morning to get my energy for the day.  Due to the high caffeine I feel the change quickly . They are quick and simple to make as you can see in the video.  The Fat Burners come in two flavours and they work by Raining Metabolic rate helping the body use fat for fuel Increasing calorie expenditure Impairing  fat Absorption Improving weight-loss Increasing fat oxidation whilst exercising They also make you feel more awake and give you more energy. At  you can read more about the ingredients too. 

Velvet Nights Chocolate and Detox Drink

 Two new drinks to help you to live a healthier lifestyle We have two new vegan and gluten-free drinks.  Both drinks can be enjoyed warm or cold and are easy and quick to make.  Body Reboot Warming Spice is our Detox Drink. A drink that helps you to cleanse  and detox your body.  The drink contains cinnamon, ginger , milk thistle powder and more and comes with many more benefits. The pack contains 25 servings. This drink can be also enjoyed with our shakes together, which gives you a creamy drink.   Detox your body Velvet Nights is our second drink. If you love chocolate and maybe think too much in bed or before bed time, then this can be the solution for you. As soon as you open the pack, you will smell the chocolate. The Velvet Nights drink contains 31 servings, a pack that will last a month or longer.  Have a relaxed sleep Have a look at  and see all ingredients of each drink. Understand the benefits of each drink and what a difference it co

Home made protein yoghurt

Making my own yoghurt    Why you may ask ? I enjoy doing this. I know what the ingredients are. It is also cheaper and I can decide what flavour my yoghurt will be rather than buying yoghurts at a supermarket. Yesterday I thought, why not making a protein yoghurt using one of our shake flavour? Natural Protein Yoghurt with Vanilla Velvet I started making the yoghurt using Natural Greek Yoghurt (75g), Milk (500ml) and Milk Powder (1-2 tablespoons).  The ingredients usually cook in the multicooker for approx. 10 hours. I usually make it late at night, so it's ready to eat by lunch the following day. Anyway, after the 10 hours I added 1 scoop of our Vanilla Velvet and OMG how delicious was that?  In total I have a 500ml yoghurt instead of just using 75g.  The Vanilla Velvet is gluten-free and vegan. I enjoyed a bowl of natural vanilla yoghurt and some extra fresh blueberries after lunch.  Have a go at this yourself and let me know what you think.  More about VivaMK Health at https://

How to make a protein pancake using

 Cheeky Chocolate Protein Pancake Quick and easy to make. Watch this short video , see what ingredients I had used and the steps I took to make 4 delicious Chocolate VivaMK protein pancakes . These pancakes are packed with lots of proteins.  Proteins help to reduce your appetize and you don't want to snack in between.  Proteins also increase muscle mass, is good for bones, gives you strength and more energy. The other benefit of having protein pancakes are, like our other products it stimulates your metabolism , so you can lose fat quicker.  Protein also helps to control your blood sugar level.  

Welcome to my VivaMK Health Ambassador Blog

 Let me tell you first who I am. My name is Ivonne Meisel, also known as No1VivaQueen on Social Media platforms. I have been with VivaMK Network since the first day, when it was launched in 2018. In fact , I have registered as the first ever VivaMK distributor. I have also been appointed as an VivaMK Health Ambassador . Since then we have seen hundreds of new products being launched. I am especially  very proud of our  own VivaMK branded range   and our Health products range.  So what is the VivaMK health range you my ask? Let me explain this to you within a few words. VivaMK Health is a range of products, that can help you to lose weight and control your weight , you get more energy and feel more awake and good about yourself.  The products also help you to give you confidence, believe more in yourself .  Summarised you will live a healthier lifestyle , due to all the benefits of using our products. All of our health products are vegan and not tested on animal s. What can you exp